No EOSL, No Downtime

Is your mission-critical OEM equipment facing its End of Service Life? When you bump up against EOSL, the manufacturers will not provide further technical assistance. They know that if you are desperate to keep your equipment up and running, they can charge top price for ongoing service and support. You could opt for new equipment—which would mean new licensing and maintenance contracts at a cost that may be prohibitive—or you can turn to SDV Solutions. Our focus is on maintaining your current OEM equipment and extending its life well beyond the manufacturer’s EOSL date. We offer industry-best support and maintenance at an affordable price, and equally important, you will not have to experience any downtime.

SDV Solutions offers outstanding consolidated maintenance agreements and extended warranties. You can depend on swift service provided by both helpdesk and onsite technicians, 24/7. No matter what your OEM requirements are, we have a service level to fit your needs plus support that is available within four hours, anywhere in the world.

When End of Service Life is coming up, but you don’t feel an upgrade to costly new equipment is necessary, contact us. We understand how critical it is for you to keep your operations running smoothly and your budget under control. We can discuss service options with you and explain how we can help extend the life of your OEM equipment well beyond the EOSL deadline. We will also tell you about our skilled IT service team of cleared and certified professionals, ready around the clock to protect and optimize your technology.

After the EOSL date, manufacturer support expires and the need for costly new equipment looms.

SDV Solutions can extend the life of your OEM equipment well beyond the EOSL date.