Reduce Your IT Expenses

Instead of paying a premium for OEM maintenance support, cut your spending and make room in your IT budget with SDV Solutions third party maintenance. Our experienced team provides you with the same great level of service you expect, at a significantly lower price point. When you need IT support, choose the level of service that best suits your agency’s requirements and increase your operational status at a reduced budget.

SDV Solutions technicians are experts in the field with OEM and industry certifications. Along with our rapid response times designed to solve your critical IT problems, we can also extend the life of your aging technology, advancing your OEM equipment well beyond the existing warranty for any device, which will save you money.

No need to invest in new IT equipment

Warranties can be extended regardless of equipment age

We will meet or exceed maintenance service standards

You have a lot invested in your IT equipment. By choosing SDV Solutions for your extended warranties, you will have significant savings over renewing OEM warranties. SDV’s certified professionals can help you keep your budget trimmed and your system tuned to the highest standards.

We can help you