Consolidate Your Contracts

We know that every data center is different, often with a blend of old and new technologies, along with multiple OEMs, within one system. With SDV Solutions Consolidated Maintenance Agreements, we help you streamline your infrastructure, cutting costs and synchronizing the lifecycles of your IT system components. We look beyond the short term and can customize your Period of Performance requirements for all devices. This allows you the freedom to consolidate multiple-warranty contracts, bringing all devices to the same end date.
Why let the OEMs dictate when and what equipment you can put under warranty support?

When you choose Consolidated Maintenance Agreements from SDV Solutions, you can be assured of –

  • Flexible warranty plans
  • Basic or comprehensive coverage options
  • Plans tailored to your budget
  • Rapid response to avoid system downtime

By consolidating your contracts, we provide the opportunity to extend the life of your technology and simplify your processes. You can also add or delete units throughout the life of a contract to ensure your support aligns with your expectations.