Third Party


Support & Maintenance

SDV Solutions specializes in NetApp support and hardware maintenance for a vast array of NetApp equipment. Our support solution provides a significant cost savings over NetApp support agreements, while delivering faster response times and a higher quality of service than you would expect from NetApp.

Perfect for clients who are seeking to reduce their IT expenses in an environment with current NetApp equipment as well as environments with NetApp devices facing End of Service Life (EOSL) that NetApp will no longer service.

Clients choose from customized support options that fit their specific needs with plans that range from 8-5 support to 24/7 response. SDV Solutions’ highly trained and certified engineers are ready to support your NetApp products.
NetApp devices supported by SDV Solutions include:

FASServer 400
FASServer 450
FASServer 1300
FASServer 1400
F210, F220, F230
F520, F540
F720, F740, F760
F85, F87
F810, F820, F825, F840, F880
FAS250, FAS270
FAS920, FAS940, FAS960, FAS980
FAS2020, FAS2040, FAS2050
FAS2220, FAS2240
FAS3020, FAS3040, FAS3050, FAS3070
FAS3140, FAS3160, FAS3170
FAS3210, FAS3220, FAS3240, FAS3250, FAS3270
FAS6030, FAS6040, FAS6070, FAS6080
FAS6210, FAS6220, FAS6240, FAS6250, FAS6280, FAS6290
DS14MK2 Disk Shelves

When choosing third party NetApp support from SDV Solutions, our clients can expect to receive the best service, every time. We regularly solicit client feedback and modify our service to meet the needs of each client.

Key Benefits:

Significant cost savings
No need to invest in new IT equipment
Warranties can be extended regardless of equipment age
We will meet or exceed OEM maintenance service standards
24/7 Help Desk access available
Help Desk-provided diagnostics and monitoring
Cleared technicians for your IT service CONUS and OCONUS
Plans tailored to your budget
Rapid response to avoid system downtime
Blended contract management (OEM & Third Party)

At SDV Solutions, we aim to provide the highest standard of support and strive to offer an unparalleled client experience. Trust is earned and we’re dedicated to earning yours so that we can act as an extension of your team.

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Third-party hardware maintenance and support for Federal agencies.

Multi-Vendor Support
US-based, certified, security-cleared IT personnel to support your mission 24/7.

Secure Helpdesk
Cleared, certified IT engineers stationed in key regions around the world.

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