EnyJah Osborne

#DutyToServe: EnyJah Osborne



For those who have not had the opportunity to serve in the U.S. Armed Forces, it’s impossible to put into words the truly unique experience serving our country provides. Duty and service makes a person who they are and the bonds that are formed in the military can sometimes be stronger than family. At SDV Solutions, we understand the sacrifice that these men and women make because we’ve been there and we’ve made those sacrifices too. We know that there is no better pool of talent than the U.S. Military, an organization centered around learning and leadership. Over half of our team members are military veterans and we’re proud to tell their stories through our series we’re calling #DutyToServe.

Meet EnyJah Osborne, Field Services Regional Lead 

EnyJah Osborne is a Field Services Regional Lead at SDV Solutions, having been with us for the past three years. Before joining SDV, EnyJah served in the Army National Guard. His experience in the military and the life lessons he learned prior to enlisting have contributed to his success at SDV Solutions. 

Where He Got His Taste for Travel 

EnyJah was born and raised in Cincinnati but grew up partially in the Virgin Islands, where he frequently visited family. His time in St. Croix is what gave him a love for travel and experiencing new things. EnyJah recounts that “it shaped me in a way that… I got to see something different. I got to see how different people live, and it made me want to actually travel a lot more.”

Early Influences & Memorable Lessons

One of the biggest impacts in EnyJah’s youth was the lifelong friends that he made. Reflecting back, EnyJah says, “They’ve really helped me shape my life and knowing where I came from to where I am now…being able to bounce ideas off of them…having conversations and just seeing our growth as adults from when we were children has… been really impactful about how I address life, how I address words, [and] what really matters to me.”

Another one of EnyJah’s influences growing up was his mother. Being in downtown Cincinnati, he lived in some rougher neighborhoods during his childhood. His mom moved them around a lot, although he didn’t really understand why until he was older. 

EnyJah talks about how everything his mother did was all for a chance at a better life. “She always wanted the best for us. So she was always sacrificing and making, you know, the changes that she needed to make. And we just kind of went along with it. We didn’t realize that at the time as children…but now as an adult, I can see, you know, [us] moving every other year or every couple of years was really my mom elevating in her life.” 

Built to Serve 

EnyJah always knew he wanted to serve. The jobs he worked prior to joining the military gave him the life lessons he needed to succeed in the service. He learned how to respect authority and understand the chain of command. But it was the military that really gave him the skills to succeed in life. 

What He Learned in the Service 

When he joined the Army National Guard at 23 years old, his experience landed him a high score on his ASVAB. That meant he had options when it came to choosing his own path. From where he first started to where he ended up, EnyJah learned a lot of important lessons along the way. 

The Ability to Easily Adapt 

EnyJah started out as a Signal Support System Specialist, which enabled him to work on a lot of different things. He says his work there gave him the ability to easily adapt, something that comes in handy at his current job. 

“…We literally did everything from radios to satellites, to computers. And that really opened the door for what I do now, which is a lot of, you know, hodgepodge. We don’t work on the same piece of equipment every day. So you have to learn what you’re working on on the spot sometimes, or you have to do the research. And that really was a big stepping stone being able to step out of my comfort zone and, you know, really finding who I was and what I want to say,” EnyJah said. 

How to Understand Other Perspectives 

EnyJah spent six years in the service, with one deployment in Afghanistan. He eventually became a subject matter expert for the brigade, working directly for a major. 

As a specialist, he often questioned the reasoning behind things, saying, “…in the military you don’t really get a lot of information. And for me, I like to have information so I know how I need to operate at my level…you might not see the whole picture all the time, but there is a bigger picture that you’re a part of.” That taught him one of the biggest lessons he ever learned: how to understand other people’s perspectives. 

The Road to SDV Solutions 

After he left the military, EnyJah landed a job at Nationwide, where one of the people he deployed with worked in the data center. He was able to translate what he learned in the service to fit the job description. His path eventually led him to SDV Solutions. EnyJah started out with SDV as a contractor doing work for them on the side. When he got the call asking him to come on full-time, it was the perfect opportunity. 

As Field Services Regional Lead for the East, EnyJah manages the site in Columbus and all the dispatches in the East Coast. He says no two days are the same, “But there’s always something going on because something always needs fixed in the IT world.” 

Being in the military taught EnyJah how to think on his feet, stay organized, and keep cool under pressure — all things he needs on a daily basis at SDV Solutions. 

“Our Job is to Make You Happy” 

EnyJah stays humble, but he always goes the extra mile to ensure customers are satisfied with their service. He just wants people to know that “we’re regular people, just like everyone else. We’re here to do a job. We’re here to make sure that we get it done. And I found that, you know, some situations we get put in, we still pull out miracles and the customers are still always happy…we’re always going to go above and beyond to make it work because that’s our job, just to make you happy.”

Growing His Own Business 

When he’s not working, EnyJah operates his own small photography business on the side. After deciding one day to sell his PS4 and invest in a camera, EnyJah taught himself how to do photography through YouTube. His hobby quickly turned into a profit, and he was able to buy back his PS4 in no time. 

He’s now been published in several magazines and runs a successful side hustle. EnyJah says that for him, photography is “just something that I thoroughly enjoy. I love taking pictures of families, seniors, things like that because I see [the] parents’ looks or the mom’s looks, and they’re so excited. They’re so happy. It just makes me happy.” We’re excited to support EnyJah’s passion for photography.

Hopes & Dreams for the Future 

EnyJah is also passionate about his role at SDV and has loved seeing the company grow over the past few years. When asked about his future plans, EnyJah said he doesn’t have it all mapped out yet. He just wants to continue developing alongside the company, saying, “I love seeing the company grow. It’s absolutely a great thing to see, especially with me being a small business owner myself on the side. 

It’s really one of those things where I saw where the company came from three years ago and I see where it is now. And it’s absolutely amazing. And I just liked being a part of it. It’s fulfilling to be a part of it. So I would probably say my biggest [goal] is just to continue to grow with the company…That’s kinda the end goal I think for everybody is, you know, just grow.”