Trust is Mission Critical

Build Cohesive Teams through Mutual Trust

In the Army, the first principle of mission command is “build cohesive teams through mutual trust.”  When you read the five truths of special operations forces (SOF), the first truth is “humans are more important than hardware.” This truth envelopes the idea that trust is about people and relationships. During training, the Marines highlight the importance of developing mutual trust and understanding by acquainting team members with one another’s capabilities and limitations. Everywhere you look in military manuals, articles authored by armed forces leadership, and media about the U.S. Military, trust is one of the most commonly used terms in the lexicon.

While trust plays a central role in mission accomplishment for those in a combat or special forces capacity, its essentialism certainly doesn’t stop there. There is a network of enlisted personnel, officers, contractors, and subcontractors at work supporting the various ongoing missions of every branch of the armed forces and all must operate with the principle of trust at the core. One of the other five truths of the special operations forces is “most special operations require non-SOF assistance.” This truth emphasizes the importance of those serving in a supporting capacity.

As technology advances and computers play an ever increasing role in support of mission success, the functionality and dependability of deployed hardware relies on a trusted network of technicians who provide preventative maintenance and respond at lightning speed when something fails. Many of those technicians are employed outside of the federal government in technology companies serving as contractors to the federal government. SDV Solutions is one of those organizations and since 2004, serving the federal government and the Department of Defense has been the sole focus of our team’s efforts.

Trust is a Core Tenet of our Guiding Principles

As a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), and a company that boasts a workforce overwhelmingly made up of military veterans, it may come as no surprise that trust is a core tenet of our guiding principles. Not only does our work demand that we demonstrate our deployed personnel are deemed trustworthy through their clearance status, as a subcontractor to large systems integrators on prime government contracts, our success hinges on trust built in our partnerships too.

In our 17+ years of service to the government, we’ve held true to two core beliefs that we feel are paramount to developing and maintaining trust in our partnerships. The first is our belief that serving only the federal government positions us and our partners to be the best service providers to the federal government. Ensuring that our partners and prospective partners trust that “We Know Federal” enables faster, more efficient, and more cost effective service delivery. That is good for our partners’ bottom line and good for the taxpayer. The second guiding principle is that we only service and never sell hardware. This commitment provides systems integrator partners with the trust that they will be able to maintain relationships with their customers without fear that their service partner will try to undercut them.

Yes, trust is mission critical up and down the chain of command, for those serving in active duty roles, and for those in the private sector serving the armed forces, but trust does not stand on its own. The capability of resources deployed is a closely-linked counterpart to trust in achieving mission success. With SDV Solutions’ cleared and certified technicians stationed in key regions across the globe, we back up our commitment to “Knowing Federal” with being technically and physically capable of meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of our customers.

While our testimonials speak for themselves with regard to our ability to perform, we encourage hardware providers and systems integrators to reach out and start a conversation with our team. We value your commitment to serving the federal government and we’re eager to develop a relationship and win your trust as a partner.

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